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Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Total Solar Eclipse 2024

A total solar eclipse will occur across several US states on April 8, 2024. Ohio lies in the path of totality and is within a one-day drive of 70% of the United States’ population. Communities within the centerline of totality could see their local population triple to quadruple. Local population in other totality communities could double.

The event has already resulted in many hotels, motels, and campsites being booked for the event. Previous eclipse events have also seen the use of watercraft on navigable waterways to view the eclipse due to the unobstructed views available. Additionally, previous eclipse events in the United States have seen the development of ad hoc campgrounds and other viewing locations for the eclipse. These ad hoc campgrounds and viewing locations may present response challenges for first responders. Favorable conditions will see an influx of eclipse viewers to the area. Many will be lodging in the area and traveling North on the day of the event while others will stay in Butler County.

Butler County will start to experience a partial eclipse just before 1400 hours. Totality will begin at approximately 1508 hours local time with a duration of about 4 minutes in the center of the path. Except for the extreme SW portion of the county, Butler County will experience 2.5-3 minutes of totality. A partial eclipse will continue until shortly after 1600 hours.
Weather may play a major role in the viewer turnout and subsequent impact of the eclipse on local infrastructure. Early April can play host to many possible weather conditions, including the potential for severe storms. It will not be known until the date of the eclipse draws closer what the forecast will be. In the event of cloudy conditions, it is expected that individuals may depart Butler County in an attempt to travel to an area with more favorable viewing conditions.

Eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers with special lenses are needed to safely view the eclipse. The American Astronomical Society (AAS) states that only eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers with ISO 12312-2 (sometimes written as ISO 12312-2:2015) compliant lenses should be used for direct observation of the eclipse. The AAS also states that counterfeit glasses bearing fraudulent ISO 12312-2 markings were sold before the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

The AAS recommends purchasing eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers from reputable retailers.

The Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries (SEAL) program is also distributing eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers to libraries across the United States for public use.

Guide for local businesses 

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